December’s Twist 2015

Did you Twist?

17 November 2015 was our 2nd Market

Thursday market may have started with rain but it cleared, and was declared by all to be a successful night.

Huy of SewUnique and Stephanie from Caley’s Apothercary share tips on standing behind a market stall when it does get cold (Lots of mini hand warmers and place in gloves and socks!), at least Huy has knitted hats to help if the temperature drops.

SewUnique - Huy Tran and Caley's Apothercary - Stephanie Gonzalez-Castro

Jeanette Batchelor‎ gave out lots of vouchers, chocolates and business cards as well talk about her products – Batch & Co (Better Health & Wealth) sells online too.

Batch & Co Better Health & Welsh - Jeanette Batchelor‎

Kareen from Age Old Knowledge loves her organic healthy foods, oils, teas and more on her stall, which looks great too.

Age Old Knowledge - Kareen Gordon

Chantel Lawrence looking rather stylish, which isn’t a surprise from someone who clearly loves Hollywood Great Ladies! The McCleary Project Ltd runs workshops on upholstery too.

The McCleary Project Ltd - Chantel Lawrence

Laura of SA(L)VAGE ART (formerly Decoupage Factory) brought her collages with her lovely with her decoupaged animals, talking about her work with a local customer.

SA(L)VAGE ART - Laura Orsini

West Norwood Therapies were there too.

West Norwood Therapies at Twist

You will always find a relative who were forced to volunteered to man the stalls whilst the owner Patricia, runs off for coffee!

Whyte Bells - Patricia Whyte

Dee’s Naturals had a wide variety of colours for her stylish screen printed clothing.

Twist on Station Rise - Tulse Hill SE27

Market Feedback

At each market we ask the stall holders, local business and the community for feedback – we want to listen and learn at every single event so that we can improve the market that helps everyone.

It has been decided that most of the stall traders will now be at ‘Twist Alley’ (which we coined ourselves!) – The alley actually belongs to Southern Rail and we will be writing about their involvement in Twist and the support they give to local communities.

The road leading to Tulse Hill Station, Station Rise will be kept free of the stalls so that we wont take up any parking bays.

We wish everyone a Merry Christmas

*****and say thank you to*****

Southern Rail,

the Mayor of London,

Tree Shepherd,

Forest Network,

Tulse Hill Forum,

and of course, to all of our fabulous customers.

We look forward to seeing you all in January on the 28th 2016 from 3pm onwards.

So do you think it will Snow by then?

Happy New Year!

Do the Twist on Tulse Hill!

Thursday 3-8pm outside Tulse Hill Station

Affordable local community spirited market with handmade crafts, designer wear, hot food with exotic twists (‘scuse the pun!), Christmas stocking fillers and more this Thursday from 3pm onwards.


Take a look at some of the items available for you to take home!

check out the Facebook page to see more photos by Georgia Millard

You will find that some stalls are fundraising for charities including:

Imambay Kamara – who clearly has a lot of style on her fundraising stall for Disabled International with Designer lead fashion items in the Hub (formerly The James Wilson Coffee Shop) which is at the end of Station Rise on the left.

Imambay Kamara - fundraising stall for Disabled International

Michael Umekwe –  The Good News Project – community charity helping people through bad times – creating hot food for you to enjoy after a hard days work with the extra feel good factor

Michael Umekwe - The Good News Project - community charity helping people through bad times

So please have a look and say hello – we are a friendly bunch!



You will find some of the stall holders are having Christmas offers like this one…

Batch & Co

Jeanette will be showcasing her special Aloe Vera products as well as offering visitors to the Hub (turn right at the bottom end of Station Rise):

Free entry into a prize draw to win a lovely Forever Christmas Gift


a chance to try out their products for free


 product advice


a great range of Christmas stocking fillers


free chocolate/ sweets


meet Jeanette’s lovely Santa assistant

pop in the cafe hub – show this screen grab to get 10 % off if you order & buy any product on the day.

Jeanette is clearly in the Christmas Spirit already

We leave you with a photo of Colin taking a mobile phone picture of Southern Rail Station Manager Steve Lethorn, Deputy Mayor Adedamola Aminu, and the Enterprise Manager at Tree Shepherd, Lydia Gardner whilst the professional DSLR camera dangles from his neck :-)

Colin Crooks (CEO of Tree Shepherd) taking a snap of Southern Rail Station Manager Steve Lethorn, Deputy Mayor Adedamola Aminu, and the Enterprise Manager at Tree Shepherd, Lydia Gardner