We are proud to be hosting up to 30 market stalls which will aid local promotion of local Tulse Hill shops, pubs, cafes and trading hub as part of TWIST

The Day-to-day management of TWIST on Station Rise is mainly Lambeth traders with emphasis on Tulse Hill & Thurlow Park residents

Enable local people to test trade their ideas,

Deliver street trade support workshops and training

Organise business buddies for the traders

Create branding, logo and website for TWIST on Station Rise

Provide on-the-ground street trade support with experienced market CIC

Co-ordinate cleaning & greening scheme with Lambeth Council

 Tulse Hill Station


Tulse Hill Station area has seen commercial neglect / empty shops in recent times, yet there is promise of major redevelopment in the area with a new gyratory, shops and identity. We want to seize the opportunity this presents for local people to be entrepreneurial, particularly the long-term unemployed. The proposed monthly pop-up market event TWIST on Station Rise has support from Lambeth Council and a series of public consultations have evidenced positive buy-in from local residents, Forums and stakeholders. Events will be Thursdays 3pm–8pm, co-organised with James Wilson CIC where they have already trialled a pavement market without the need for road closures. A good relationship exists with West Norwood Feast market (local knowledge transfer). On the ground logistics for TWIST will be organised in collaboration with Brixton Market CIC (marquees/set-up). Consultation favours affordable products showcasing local skills and culture, strengthening community cohesion & sustainability.


Georgina Wilson & Lydia Gardner Celebrate!

Why it’s a great idea:

Tree Shepherd believes that everybody has the right to the self-respect and well-being that comes from rewarding employment. For many this is self-employment. They can earn money doing what they have always had a passion for. We nurture many local jobless people (350+) looking for local chances in Lambeth to test-trade or trade their ideas but due to very high competition they have not been able to access the street markets. This is made more frustrating by the fact that several Lambeth markets are organised by companies from outside London with traders (not necessarily local residents) preventing local people from participating. We offer enterprise training at High Trees on Tulse Hill and know there is a wealth of local people in Tulse Hill Estate and the immediate area who want to trade and shop locally. They can sell their produce at reasonable prices that won’t alienate their own neighbours and will attract new customers. 2000 commuters pass through the station daily – it’s ideal.


Support and believing in the local Community

In the past three years West Norwood has seen much needed investment injections from Lambeth, CRP and The Mayor’s Fund. This end of the long street has new streetscapes, shop frontage, a new health centre and incoming cinema plus a monthly highly successful market event – FEAST. The Tulse Hill end of the street (beyond the bridge) however has not benefitted from these initiatives – seen by some as the ‘poor cousin’. The commuter £ pound is being overlooked. There are plans under way for the gyratory and Norwood Road and the Tulse Hill/Thurlow Park area will benefit from regeneration in the years to come, however ‘Twist on Station Rise’ 2015/16 is a great way to create a splash now. It will help bring on board and harness the energies of the resident community, creating job and trade opportunities for the less well off. It will also help put Tulse Hill on the map, paving the way for future street markets and events and helping the resident businesses – many of which are new to the area.

Tree Shepherd

Tree Shepherd

At Tree Shepherd, we believe that everyone has the right to the self-respect, health and well-being that comes from useful and rewarding employment.

We believe that unemployment is the most pressing issue facing society. Its effects are more toxic than is commonly understood. Unemployment is a primary cause of homelessness, crime, poor environment, obesity, mental health issues, and depression.

We work with the natural entrepreneurial skills of local people and support them to transform where they live from places of neglect to places of opportunity. We help enterprises to start, develop and grow and help create the conditions where new jobs can be created.

Colin Crooks is the Chief Executive and founder of Tree Shepherd, a social enterprise focused on promoting and supporting employment and business growth in the UK’s most marginalised communities. He is also the author of How to Make a Million Jobs – A Charter for Social Enterprise, published September 2012.


Forest Enterprise Network

Forest Enterprise Network

Forest Enterprise Network is a place where Lambeth start-up businesses come together with support from Tree Shepherd.Call 020 3697 1540

New Facebook Page coming soon.


Mayor Of London

Mayor of London

The Mayor of London supports many projects for the community.

You can find out more on their funding of projects via The Greater London Authority page: https://www.london.gov.uk/priorities/regeneration/news

And the Spacehive.com website: https://www.spacehive.com/initiatives/mayoroflondon

Brixton Market

Brixton Market

Brixton Station Road Market is a community market run by local traders. It’s on a wide pedestrianised road near the tube, a street full of cafés and busy with markets, with traders offering street food from around the world.

As a community market, they are all about supporting local traders and giving back to Brixton.

A medley of markets – On weekdays they have food stalls. At weekends there’s a different kind of market each Saturday. And once in a while we put on one-off events to bring even more people into Brixton. So keep your eye on there website for what’s coming up.


Southern Railway Support

Southern Rail

Southern Rail support the Twist on Station Rise market and they have won a Silver award for ‘investing in people’


Tulse Hill Forum

Tulse Hill Forum

Tulse Hill Forum is an independent voluntary group.
Our aim is to provide a place where local people can get involved in making decisions that affect the Tulse Hill area.

It started as an idea at the 2010 Lambeth Country Show in Brockwell Park, and we started meeting as a group in May 2011 and have continued meeting monthly since then.

We have a small amount of funding from Lambeth Council and the Tulse Hill Forum is also part of the Lambeth Forum Network – an organisation which provides the opportunity to share information and resources across the borough.

Groups who are involved in the Tulse Hill Forum include:


contact us

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